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Figures is a calculator that gives instant answers as you type. Coming soon for download and on the Mac App Store.

Immediate Results

Sketch out different scenarios by changing the numbers and Figures will show you the results instantly. By letting you see and edit all your calculations at once, you can work out monthly expenses, help with homework, or plan your next big vacation.

Math + Words

Give your values names that you can use later. When you change the value, it's updated everywhere. You can even use multiple words to make them easy to read.

Add Context

Use words and even emoji alongside your numbers to give them meaning. Figures knows which words are comments and colors them so your calculations shine through.


Organize Your Ideas

Want to keep your finance calculations separate from your hobbies? Each document can have several sheets just like a spreadsheet. Use the sidebar to see all your sheets, create new ones, or delete them when they're not needed anymore.

Sheets and Groups


Related sheets can be grouped together so they're easy to find. Drag sheets to a new group to re-categorize them.

Open Quickly

Switch between sheets and groups with a few key strokes. Just start typing the name of what you're looking for and you're instantly taken there.

Unit Savvy

Figures has a library with hundreds of units and currencies with more released all the time. Currency exchange rates are updated automatically so you're always using the latest information.


Easy Conversion

Convert among related units with a simple command. You can also do math with units and Figures will do the conversion for you automatically.

Build Your Own

Even with an extensive library of units, you may find one that isn't built in. In Figures you can create your own units that work just like the built-in ones.

Step It Up

Figures is much more than just a calculator. It's also a fully functional programming language you can use to expand the app to do whatever you need. Use advanced features like lists to do calculations across many values, or use ranges to try a sequence of numbers. Check out the documentation to see all the incredible things you can do.

Custom Values and Functions

Make It Your Own

Avoid repeating the same calculations over and over by defining your own functions. Use pro features like branches and loops to design any calculation you need.

Spread It Around

Once you have a useful value or function in one sheet, you can import into other sheets for use anytime. Even better, make your sheet global and use its values anywhere, just like the built-in ones.

So Much More


Show a summary of all results as a total, average, and more


Choose the look of text and window elements, or create your own theme

Line Variables

Create quick variables by dragging the result into your calculation

Thousands Separators

Automatically insert number separators as you type

Smart Autocomplete

Quickly enter a variable or function with just a few strokes

Match Brackets

Automatically insert closing parentheses, square brackets, and more

Shortened Results

Show results in scientific, engineering, accounting, and other notations


Works with binary, octal, or hexadecimal numbers

macOS 11+

Public Beta

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