The result panel is the area on the right of the editor when you're editing a sheet. The output from each calculation is shown on the same line.

The result values are interactive. You can drag them into the editor to create a line variable. You can also click on them to bring up a menu of formatting options.

Multiple Results

In situations where a line is run more than one time (e.g. a loop or function declaration), a result will also show the number of times the line was executed. The result shown is the last value that was generated.

Multiple results


By default, result values are updated as you type. In most situations this is exactly what you want since it gives you immediate feedback on your calculation. However, if you have a very long document or a long-running calculation the results may not appear immediately. This can also happen if you create a loop that never ends. In these cases, Figures will show a message at the bottom of the results panel, and the recalculate button (clockwise arrow) will change to a stop button (solid square).

Long-running calculation

Clicking the stop button will stop running the calculation until you start typing again or click the recalculate button. If you'd like to run your calculations manually go to Preferences > Editing > Automation and uncheck the option for automatically calculating results. In manual mode, Figures will not calculate any results until you click the recalculate button or select the menu item Editor > Recalculate.

Since the existing results will no longer be relevant after you edit your calculation, there's also an option to clear the existing results when you make a change. With this option selected (which is the default) the result panel will be emptied when you start to type.


As a convenience, there's a summary displayed at the bottom of the results panel. By default, it shows the total of all the results. You can change the type of summary by selecting View > Result Summary. You could also click the summary name (Total by default) and select a different one from the drop-down menu:

Click on the summary value to copy it.

Result summary


If the summary isn't valid, it will remain blank. For example, if there are two results, 42 and true, the summary value will be empty.

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