Handling Issues

Figures does its best to understand what you mean, but sometimes calculations have problems that need your attention. In these cases, you'll see a red bubble on the line where the error occurred. If possible, Figures will also underline the place within the line where it found the error. You'll also notice that the results are removed when there are errors since they're no longer correct.

Editor with error

In most cases, this is enough to see what needs to be changed to fix the problem. But if you need more information on what the issue is, you can click on the bubble to expand it into the editor. You'll see a brief explanation of what caused the issue.

Expanded error


You can also expand issues using the menu or the keyboard. Go to View > Show Next Issue to expand the next issue into the editor. If you'd like an overview of all the errors in your sheet, go to View > Issues > Show All Issues

For some errors, Figures can help you fix the problem. When you expand the error, you may see a Fix button with an explanation of the change you can expect. Click the button to insert the fix.

Error with fix


Fixes can also be applied using the menu or the keyboard. Go to View > Fix Next Issue to apply the fix for the next issue that has one.

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