Getting Started

Figures is a calculator that lets you experiment with math using text. Using it is simple: just type your calculation on the left and the results are shown on the right as you type. Change any value and the results update immediately. Start with some basic math to see how it works:

42 + 23
100 / 2 * 4


There are hundreds of units and currencies built right in. You can do math with units and Figures will do the conversions for you. Or if you want to see the result in a particular unit, just use one of the conversion words in, to, or as.

205 meters + 28 feet
500 meters / 70 sec
$20 in euros
213.53 m
7.14 m/s


There are special rules for percentages that make them more intuitive. Figures also understands some common phrases for working with percentages.

$25 + 15%
100 feet - 10%
20% of 10
5% off $50
50% on 100
90 ft

Adding Words

Calculations are easier to understand with words to give them context. Figures lets you use numbers and words together, coloring them so it's clear what's being calculated.

lunch was $4 for the sandwich + $1 for chips
$400 for rent + $200 for groceries + $100 for utilities

You can also give names to your calculations to use them later. This makes it easy to split up your calculation into several steps. Even better, the autocompletion feature means you can use these names with just a few keystrokes.

appetizers = $9
main dish = $21
dessert = $6
appetizers + main dish + dessert

Change the value for a different result
dessert = $10
appetizers + main dish + dessert



When the unexpected happens and Figures can't figure out what you mean, it will show an error. You'll see a red circle on the line where it thinks the error is. If it isn't obvious what the problem is, you can click on the circle to show a description of the error so you can fix it. Results won't be updated while there are errors.

Calculation error

This will get you going, but there's so much more. Check out the documentation for all the details.

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